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Welcome to's PDA Software site. The Palm Pilot, and the Palm computing platforms for Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) are increasingly being used as patient management tools. Please follow this site closely, as we are also in the process of developing useful free hemostasis and coagulation software for the Palm Pilot platforms. If you have any recommendation for sites to be listed, or ideas about what you might need for your Palm Pilot, please e-mail us at

Biomedical PDA publishes biomedical databases that can be accessed on your desktop PC and personal digital assistants (PDAs) that use the Palm Operating System. provides access to extensive information providing news, product reviews and free downloads for the Palm Pilot.

George Washington School of Medicine has an excellent PDA resource listing. provides programs that you must pay for to manage nutrition and weight. is a source of information for physicians, residents, medical students, and healthcare professionals. It is devoted to clinical handheld computing news, reviews, and informatics in medicine and provides a forum specifically for users of 3Com® Palm OS and Microsoft® Windows CE platforms. provides an extensive searchable collection of medical Palm applications. provides the useful Pregnancy Wheel tool.

Medical information from Evidence Based Medicine to Go contains information delivered free to your PALM or Pocket PC handheld device.

Medical software from Collective Med's PDA Center for Palm or Pocket PC.

MeisterMed includes medical references and useful information and links. provides an extensive list of sites to download Palm Pilot Organizer tools. provides listings of medical Palm applications. provides free downloadable software that stores everything from names and medical record numbers, to problem lists and labs. Generate H&P's, SOAP notes, checkouts and additional utilities. provides comprehensive link to the medical resources available for PDAs on the Internet.

Peripheralbrain contains additional links for medical application for PalmTM devices.

Pediatrics on Hand includes information on PDA's and pediatric PDA software, as well as links to PDA websites.

Palm Pilot Medical applications and links at Acute Care.

PDA software from the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

PDA medical software from

PDA information at MedsPDA,a software and hardware resource dedicated to the mobile healthcare professional. provides breaking medical news, a wide variety of scientific learning resources, and cutting-edge diagnostic tools.

Medicalpocketpc is a resource for medical users of Pocket PC and Windows CE PDA devices. provides and develops mobile and e-learning resources for doctors, students and medical professionals.

PDA, handheld, pocketPC, and cell phone buzz at

PocketPC news, reviews, rants and raves.

Resource information about handtops, small handheld computers.

Resources include medical use of Palm and Pocket PC PDAs and Medical PDA Software at doctorsgadgets. provides Pilot applications for Coding to "Master HCFA's Evaluation & Management Coding Guidelines". They also have a cardiac risk program.

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